New Orleans is known for getting down during Mardi Gras, but the city is also bustling with craziness the other 364 days of the year. Whether it's cradling baby alligators or downing drinks bigger than your head, NOLA is the place to go for the most off-the-wall good time. Here are the craziest, most bizarre things to do in New Orleans that are destined to make your stay the most memorable. 

Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo

Price: $4+

Address: 739 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70116

Why You Need To Go: New Orleans is brimming with magic and spirits, which is why this shop filled with spell kits and scary accurate psychic readings is a staple of the city.


Insta-Gator Ranch & Hatchery 

Price: $18+

Address: 74645 Allen Road, Covington, LA 70435

Why You Need To Go: Not only will you get the chance to hold some adorable baby gators, you can actually witness the miracle of life while you help baby alligators hatch.


Café Brûlot at Arnaud's

Price: $9 per person

Address: 813 Bienville Sreet, New Orleans, LA 70112

Why You Need To Get It: The creation of this fiery drink, consisting of spiced coffee and brandy, is a show all in itself.


Pat O'Brien's 

Price: $4-$200

Address: 718 St. Peter, New Orleans, LA 70116

Why You Need To Go: This over the top bar serves up a three-gallon drink that will seriously get the party started.


Abita Mystery House 

Price: $3

Address: 22275 LA-36, Abita Springs, LA 70420

Why You Need To Go: This nonsensical museum full of oddities proves that Louisiana knows how to keep it weird (in the best way possible).

Gators and Friends

Price: $34.95+

Address: 11441 US-80, Greenwood, LA 71033

Why You Need To Go: Lousiana isn't Louisiana without gators, so why not get a closer look at them from a zipline above their habitat?

Ghost City Tours 

Price: 20+

Address: Locations vary

Why You Need To Go: There's no denying the ghosts and ghouls that linger around New Orleans, so you can experience their paranormal activity first hand on this boozy ghost tour.


Old Absinthe House

Price: $12+

Address: 240 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

Why You Need To Go: Since New Orleans is basically the drinking capital of the U.S., it's only right that they have a bar dedicated to absinthe, famous for its alleged hallucinogenic properties.