This Dreamy Park In Louisiana Is A Massive Floral & Picturesque Hidden Gem

An attraction off the beaten path.
This Hidden Botanical Garden In New Orleans Has Over 2,000 Plants

When you visit New Orleans, sometimes you do not want to be the average Joe and do all the touristy things and see all the tourist attractions. Finding the hidden gems in this city might be a challenge, but they are out there, we promise. This massive park in the city has a huge botanical garden in New Orleans that you might not have known even existed. 

City Park in New Orleans the city's largest outdoor attraction and one of the oldest parks in the entire nation. There are huge oak trees that canopy over the park that makes for beautiful scenery and there are a ton of trails to hike. 

Hidden deep into the park is the Botanical Gardens that is a MUST to explore. It is open all year, so whenever time you are visiting, you do not have an excuse to not see it. 

The Botanical Gardens alone sit on 12-acres of land. That is as big as entire parks. For the entire year, you can see the flowers and the leaves change colors and let us tell you, the gardens never go dull. 

This place has over 2,000 different species of plants from all around the world. New Orleans does not play around with their plants and flowers. 

There are two parts to the gardens: the actual gardens and the sculpture garden. Every part of the garden has an educational feature, so even if you are not one with a green thumb, you can learn about the plants here. 

Some sections that you will see include the Rose Garden, Tropical Garden, Butterfly Walk, Southern Shade Garden and Azela and Camellia garden. In the sculpture garden, you will see figures carved from wood, copper, concrete, limestone and oak that will make you question how in the world they did that. 

Even though City Park has so much to offer, making your way to the gardens needs to be on the list of things to do and see. The destination is so beautiful that you will want to take a ton of photos so you can remember this spot. 

While you are visiting, or if you are a local in this big city, down the road there is another garden that is home to thousands of butterflies you should check out. Another spot is this hidden musical village that will bring you back to your childhood that should be a stop on your list. 

New Orleans Botanical Garden 

Price: $8

Address: 1 Palm Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana 70124

Why You Need To Go: This massive garden is located in City Park, which is twice the size of Central Park in NYC.