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Justin Timberlake Is Filming A Movie In New Orleans Right Now & Here's Where He's Being Spotted

Are JT and co-star getting a little too close in NOLA?

We all remember Justin Timberlake's iconic curly blonde locks from the early 2000s singing "It's Gonna Be Me." The pop star has stepped from the small screen to the big screen and is currently filming a movie in New Orleans. There's pictures of him on set and even hot gossip circulating around a Justin Timberlake video that may hint he's cheating on his long-time wife, Jessica Biel.

JT can act, dance, sing, golf and put on a knee-slapping comedy skit on SNL. The multi-talented star has landed a recent gig in film and has been raiding the streets of New Orleans and surrounding areas.

He is currently filming for a major motion picture Palmer and has been spotted on the streets of New Orleans since filming kicked off in early November.

He's not as undercover as he may have planned. Fans are snapping pics of him left and right on set. There's also a video of him holding hands with Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright outside of a NOLA bar that fans are totally side-eyeing. 

Palmer is a drama based on an ex-convict who forms a bond with a boy from a troubled home. JT plays the lead role as a former college football player (and criminal) who ventures back home to get his life on track after prison.

JT has been spotted in character in New Orleans on his way to his makeup trailer, sporting a stern and serious look. He was also spotted by Kenny Lopez on set on Oak Street.

There's also filming being produced in Ponchatoula, about an hour outside of NOLA.

Honestly, these pics of JT looking grim and fierce are pretty sexy af (we will leave the "SexyBack" pun out of this one).

He may be super attractive and extremely talented, but he is under fire right now for the questionable video of him and Alisha. Some argue they were just filming, but to others it looks like they are having a good time at the bar. 

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