Cheese literally makes everything 10 times better; we don't know if we could live without it. The staple that adds melty, gooey deliciousness to basically any meal deserves to be celebrated. Show your everlasting love for cheese at this NOLA Cheese Festival that lets you eat unlimited cheese paired with plenty of booze. 

The second annual Fête des Fromages in New Orleans is the largest celebration of cheese in the entire world. You can get lost in a flavor-packed cheesy wonderland as you eat unlimited samples of over 150 types of cheese.

The delicious delicacies loved by all come from far and wide, featuring local and international dairies and vendors.

Expect to try international cheese of all varieties from France, Italy, Netherlands, Australia and Switzerland. U.S. vendors from Georgia, Alabama, Vermont, Wisconsin and more will be in attendance as well.

Of course, you can't have cheese without wine because they literally go together like peanut butter and jelly. Tons of French wines, craft beer and cocktails will be available for you to sip while you sample.

With live French-inspired music playing in the background, you'll feel like you've taken a trip to Paris as you savor these rare and authentic cheeses. 

You'll also get to enjoy cheese-centric bites like a grilled ham & gruyère sandwich or Gruyère “Raclette” which is melted Le Gruyère AOP over boiled potatoes with Trois Petits Cochons cornichons (bonjour, fromage!)

You'll also get a chuckle as you watch chefs battle it out on stage in a race to break down massive wheels of cheese.

The NOLA Cheese Fest is part of the three-day Fête des Fromages festival located at the New Orleans Jazz Museum. The event runs from Nov. 13 and Nov. 15-16.

The highly-anticipated cheese-filled party has sold out events for the first two days, but the big shebang on Saturday, Nov. 16 (the actual cheese fest) still has tickets up for grabs for only $35.

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Fête des Fromages

Price: $35+

When: November 13 & November 15-16

Address: 400 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70116

Why You Need To Go: Go on a European adventure with wine and unlimited cheese at this lively French festival.

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