You Can Explore This Weird Mystery House In New Orleans For Only $3

One of the funkiest places you'll ever see.
This Unique & Weird Museum In New Orleans Is Best Roadside Attraction

When it comes to road trips, the best part about them is the cool roadside attractions you'll come across along the way. New Orleans is already a pretty funky place, so you're bound to find some unique spots. If you find yourself passing through the city, you need to stop at this unique and weird museum in NOLA that will blow your mind.

The Abita Mystery House is a museum with folk art and a whole lot of random things in it, honestly, that is the best way to put it. There are old arcade games and many weird collections of the most random things. It makes for a perfect roadside attraction and it makes for some pretty cool pictures as well. 

This spot is most famous for the huge half-alligator, half-dog statue that is located outside of the museum that might be the craziest thing you have ever seen. 

The museum is spread out among multiple buildings on the property, so you'll have plenty to see. You'll enter through what looks like an old, vintage, rundown gas station. It's surrounded by little trinkets and a few gas station pumps. 

Another house that you'll eventually explore is covered in mosaic tiles and an old Creole Cottage. Each room has different interactive features and every button you touch will bring something fun.

One of the most unique pieces here is the large UFO that is sitting in the backyard. You can actually get inside of it and take some pretty cool pictures. 

If you are on a budget, this is the place you need to go. Admission is only $3 and you get to explore the entire place for however long you want. 

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Abita Mystery House 

Price: $3

Address: 22275 Hwy 36, Abita Springs, Louisiana, 70420

Why You Need To Go: This funky roadside attraction is the most unique and fun museum you will ever explore.