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San Diego Zoo Beaver Cam Peanut

Nothing cures boredom like an adorable animal video. Zoos and aquariums around the world have been offering live cams for entertainment and we can't get enough. Today, the SanDiego Zoo live cam showed off one of their Beaver residents. TBH, it's the cuteness we need right now.

Forget Bieber fever - we're team beaver all the way.

PSA: This article contains beaver puns.

The live-streamed video was recorded this morning on March 17. You can watch over 16 minutes of super cute animal footage from the comfort of your home.

While the zoo is temporarily closed to the general public, some of the staff went on the air with Peanut, a North American Beaver (aka one of the zoo's animal ambassadors).

The two trainers Tanya and Bobby took her out in the pen to help her get some exercise, fresh air, and munch on a few treats.

According to the animal trainer Bobby, beavers are the second-largest rodent in the world after the South American Capybara (Well, dam *winks*).

Throughout the video, the trainers provide a history of the beaver in the U.S. and some fun facts about Peanut too. So, it's an educational experience besides being cute.

Did you know that the San Diego Zoo offers other live animal cams so you can get up close with them from your home?

If you're in the mood to cozy up on your couch and watch an endless loop of adorable animals, there's plenty more to see.

Whether you want to watch a 24-hour live cam of penguin cuteness, take a plunge with polar bears or run around with koalas, those are options too. 

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach also offers live cam features that let you (virtually) swim with sharks, rays, and jellyfish. How cool is that?

San Diego Zoo: Beaver Cam

Price: Free

Why You Should Go: You can watch 16 minutes of adorable beaver footage from the comfort of your couch.


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