Who knew it would come to this? There’s a new shopping app that points you in the direction of stores selling toilet paper and other essential items in your area. It has taken the guesswork out of shopping and helps alleviate anxiety one might have while making a grocery run. 

The app, WhatsInStock, launched earlier this month and allows users to find high demand items in their area without risking a fruitless grocery run. Simply type in laundry detergent or paper towels, and the app will send you locations that have those items in stock.

The creators were two Orlando developers, Andrew Dushane and Matt Dupree, who saw firsthand how the COVID-19 pandemic was impacting their shopping habits when they tried to prepare for social distancing restrictions.

“I called a local box store a week or two into coronavirus social distancing, and right in the automated greeting, there was a message saying, ‘if you are calling to inquire about item availability, please come into the store as our associates are unable to answer these questions due to surge in demand,’” Dushane said in a release on the company’s site. 

The developer continues by noting how this is an "inconvenience" for shoppers, especially those who are deemed high risk.

The app is built to limit shoppers’ and grocery store employees' potential exposure to germs by showing users what’s on the shelves at the closet grocery store prior to their visit.

By being "a tool for neighbors to help each other shop," the site says, it's ideal for those looking to follow social distancing restrictions and limit the chance of transmission.

The app relies on crowdsourced information meaning it uses user-generated data to update the app. This means some users might be unable to find essentials at their typical shopping locations.

"We rely on reports from users to know what's in stock. If you're the first person in your area to use WhatsInStock, we won't have any availability information for the stores near you," the site says.

It is currently only available for iPhone users across the United States. Though the developers will soon be releasing an Android version as well.