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New Shows & Movies On Netflix Canada

As the weather gets colder, it's likely that your wild weekends out on the town will be coming to a close, and you'll be spending much more time cozied up on your couch, looking for new things to watch on Netflix. There's nothing worse than spending what feels like hours scrolling through the endless options, only to wind up rewatching Friends or The Office for the 600th time, so we're here to fix that. With all the original content Netflix puts out on a regular basis, it can be difficult to decide what to watch, and when to watch it, but that's where we come in. Here's a list of new shows and movies on Netflix Canada for you to binge-watch this weekend.

This week's new lineup includes everything from super spooky horror movies (to get you in the Halloween mood, of course), chilling documentaries, and comedies starring some of the greatest actors of all time. No matter what your preferred genre is, there's something for pretty much everyone hitting Netflix this weekend, and even more shows and movies coming later this month! Put on your coziest PJs, pick up some Halloween candy and a pumpkin spiced latte, and treat yourself to some serious binge-watching.

Tell Me Who I Am

If you're a documentary buff, Tell Me Who I Am should definitely be #1 on your weekend watching list. The film is about twin brothers, one of whom lost their memory after being involved in a terrible accent. Piece by piece, the brothers rebuild their lives, only for the injured to find out that he'd been betrayed, and the entire idea of his life was a lie.


Eli is the first of two horror films coming to Netflix this weekend. The movie is about a young boy who suffers from a mysterious illness, preventing him from living normally in the outside world. When his parents find him a new doctor, things quickly take a turn for the worst, and Eli begins feeling haunting presences around him.


If you're a fan of super creepy and gory horror movies, you'll want to watch Wounds. The movie is about a bartender who recovers a phone after a brawl takes place at his work. When he goes through the phone in hopes of finding its owner he finds some disturbing content that begins to plague his mind and the world around him.

Living with Yourself

Paul Rudd fans rejoice! The incredibly talented and lovable actor plays not just one character in this series, but two. Living with Yourself is about Miles Elliot, a man who's straight-up not having a good time in life. When he hears about a special mood-boosting spa treatment, Miles wakes up to find out that he's been replaced by a better version of himself, making his life even worse.

Baby (Season 2)

If you like shows like Gossip Girl, you need to check out the series Baby. The dark and twisted show hit Netflix back in 2018 and is about a group of Roman teenagers who are students by day and prostitutes by night. The second season of the popular series hits Netflix on October 18.

The Laundromat

If it stars Meryl Streep, you can pretty much guarantee it'll be a hit. The Laundromat is about a woman who's been a victim of insurance fraud. When she decides to look into the case, she finds out about a pair of Panama City law partners who have been exploiting the world's financial system.

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