What better way to start a new week than with some streaming? This week's lineup of new shows and movies on Netflix includes plenty of highly anticipated programming that users of the streaming service already can't stop talking about.

Arguably some of the best content available on Netflix is the platform's original shows and movies. The only downside about these is that after you finish binge-watching them in a day, you have to wait an entire year to find out what happens next. Luckily for fans of the hit dark comedy Dead to Me, that time has finally arrived!

Besides that, viewers also have plenty of other things to look forward to, including brand new documentaries from beloved political figures, animes, comedy specials, dramas, and more.

May has only just begun, which means that there's even more coming to Netflix over the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled—you never know when you could uncover a new favourite show!

Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill

Premiere date: Tuesday, May 5

In his latest comedy special, Seinfeld graces a stage in New York City to talk about things like talking vs. texting, how magical PopTarts are, and buffets vs. restaurants, among other things.


Premiere date: Wednesday, May 6

Becoming is a documentary in which former first lady Michelle Obama gives viewers an inside glimpse at her personal life while touring her book of the same name.

Scissor Seven (Season 2)

Premiere date: Thursday, May 7

In this anime, a full-time hairdresser/part-time assassin finds himself in the midst of a major power struggle amongst other feuding factions.

Dead to Me (Season 2)

Premiere date: Friday, May 8

The highly anticipated second season of Dead to Me is coming this Friday, and this time around viewers can expect to see Jen and Judy get into even more trouble as they attempt to hide their darkest secrets from the rest of the world.

The Eddy

Premiere date: Friday, May 8

The owner of a jazz club in Paris, France finds himself tied up with a group of dangerous and threatening criminals as he tries to balance managing his club, his band, and his teenage daughter.


Premiere date: Friday, May 8

Based on the novels by Elisabet Benavent, Valeria follows a young writer who turns to her three best friends when she finds herself in the middle of a creative crisis, on top of the marital issues she's been having.