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New Travel Advisory Warns Canadians To Exercise A High Degree Of Caution While Travelling To China

The travel advisory comes shortly after Robert Lloyd Schellenberg was sentenced to death in China for drug smuggling.
New Travel Advisory Warns Canadians To Exercise A High Degree Of Caution While Travelling To China

As of the past few months, the tensions between China and Canada have continued to become strained with the more time that passes since Meng Wanzhou's arrest in a Vancouver airport back in early December. From the rise in arrests of Canadians travelling to China for various reasons to Chinese locals pulling their support from Canadian brands such as Canada Goose, it's clear the situation is beginning to get out of hand. 

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Though the situation in particular that has shown just how tense the relationship between the two countries has become, and the collateral damage because of it, is the extreme sentencing result for Robert Lloyd Schellenberg. Schellenberg was sentenced to death earlier this week in China for charges related to drug smuggling, a verdict that Justin Trudeau has already condemned publicly. 

While Schellenberg has 10 days after his sentencing to appeal the verdict, it seems the government of Canada wants to warn Canadians that this extreme sentencing could be more likely for Canadian travellers due to the tensions between the countries right now. Meaning right now travellers should be exercising extreme caution. 

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As a result, the government updated the country's travel advisory for any Canadians who are planning to or are visiting China soon. Not only are Canadians asked to "exercise a high degree of caution" by Global Affairs, but they are also warning of the risk "of arbitrary enforcement of local laws." The addition to the advisory is meant to specifically draw travellers' attention to China's death penalty.

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Clearly, right now isn't the best time to be a Canadian traveller in China, but nonetheless, if you are going, you should make sure to take the necessary precautions before boarding your flight. That being to check for the most recent travel advisory updates and news on what is going on between Canada and China before you arrive.

To see the complete travel advisory,click here.

Source:City News 

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