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Samsung Is Launching Its New Galaxy Fold Phone In Canada This Week

For those of us who miss the satisfaction of snapping a phone shut.

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You’ve made a list and you’ve even checked it twice. Yet, something seems to be missing. Well, luckily for you, Samsung Canada is launching a new category of phones that is guaranteed to be a perfect addition to any wish list this holiday season.

Going on sale exclusively at Samsung Experience Stores across Canada on Friday, Dec. 6, the "Cosmo Black" Samsung Galaxy Fold is a game-changer. Its name might be a giveaway, but this phone literally folds.

Not sure what that looks like? It's basically all of your tech dreams come true — a true treat to hold and a real sight to feast your eyes upon. It's a conversation starter that'll have friends in awe, looking over your shoulder and asking, "What is that?"

Well, on one side you have a phone, but you can open this awesome gadget up to reveal a tablet. This means that you’re not limited to a small screen like with most mobile devices (this phone has a 7.3-inch display — the largest ever for a Galaxy smartphone!) and you don’t have to lug around an uncomfortable tablet. It’s the best of both worlds, and switching between the two views is as easy as opening a book.

Another incredible feature is that it doesn’t have just one or even two cameras — it has six! Yes, six pro-grade cameras. You can take pics while the phone is both unfolded and collapsed. The Ultra Wide, Telephoto, and Wide-Angle Cameras let you snap sweeping panoramas and detailed, zoomed-in masterpieces in seconds. Scene Optimizer automatically adjusts camera settings for a nicer shot. And you can be sure that the dual-front camera and variety of bokeh effects will enhance every selfie you take! It’s genuinely a watershed moment for everyone who is obsessed with getting that perfect Instagram angle; this phone is a must-add to their list. 

To top it all off, it’s got more storage and processing power than many laptops and, if that wasn’t enough, you can use three apps at once through the Multi-Active Windows feature. The #GalaxyFold is truly a phone of the future.

You can be one of the first people to get your hands on this phone by visiting the Samsung Experience Store in Toronto on launch day or preordering yours until Dec. 5! Plus, you don’t need to worry if you’re outside of the 6ix because there are Samsung Experience stores in Edmonton and Vancouver.

Samsung Galaxy phones have made quite a name for themselves in recent years. The series of Galaxy phones have taken the market by storm and are known for their amazing Infinity display and pro-grade cameras.

And that’s sure to continue with this model, available in the premium monochromatic colour of Cosmos Black. So, on Friday, December 6, get your Galaxy Fold, in exclusivity at the Samsung Experience Store (or preorder now until Dec. 5!). This really is the perfect addition to any holiday list (including your own!).

Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone Launch

Price: $2,599

When: Friday, Dec. 6, 2019.

Where: Samsung Experience Stores in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Why You Need To Go: It's the perfect opportunity to get a groundbreaking phone this holiday season

For more information on the sleek Galaxy Fold or any other Galaxy phones, check out the Samsung website, Facebook, and Instagram!

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