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A Canadian Patient Aggressively Stole An Ambulance From 2 Paramedics On His Way To The Hospital

An aggressive patient caused the drivers to flea the ambulance.
Ontario Editor
A Canadian Patient Aggressively Stole An Ambulance From 2 Paramedics On His Way To The Hospital

In a weird turn of events this Friday, RCMP confirmed that a Newfoundland patient ended up stealing an ambulance while he was being transported to a local hospital. After being picked up by local paramedics, the 48-year-old man ended up assaulting the paramedics before stealing the ambulance and crashing it shortly after. The man has been taken into custody. 

According to an RCMP press release, at around 5:30 PM on Friday, April 12, 2019, Flower's Cove RCMP received a report that a patient had stolen an ambulance from two local paramedics. The patient was being transported to a nearby hospital in the Newfoundland when he started to become aggressive. 

Cpl Jolene Garland told CBC that during the commute over to the hospital, the patient got out of his stretcher and started to assault the one paramedic that was in the back of the ambulance. As the aggression became more violent, both paramedics were able to exit the vehicle and get away from the patient. Garland stated that this was the decision that both paramedics thought was best for their safety. 

After the paramedics managed to get out of the ambulance, RCMP state in their press release that the patient was able to get into the driver seat of the ambulance and drive away, stealing the vehicle from the two paramedics. 

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According to CBC, after leaving the paramedics behind, the patient managed to drive the ambulance down Route 430 for only two kilometres before he ended up crashing the ambulance into the nearby ditch. 

After receiving the report, RCMP stated that they were quick to arrive on the scene of the crash and took the 48-year-old man into custody. 

Since the arrest, the investigation on the incident still continues and no charges have yet to be laid on the suspect. 

However, Garland told CBC, "The investigation is continuing, but charges are certainly expected," which ensures that the suspect may face multiple charges for the incident that put many in danger.

RCMP confirm that the paramedic that was assaulted by the suspect was not injured during the incident. 

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