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Newfoundland Storm Video Shows A Person Chilling On A Lawn Chair In Beachwear (VIDEO)

Snow, snow, and more snow. That’s all Canada has been getting lately. Even though everyone is falling victim to Canadian winter, some places are getting hit harder than others; including Newfoundland. Videos and photos of the intense storm have been surfacing online. Amidst all the buzz, one Newfoundland storm video stands out from the rest. This viral video shows a man sitting in a lawn chair right in the middle of the Newfoundland snowstorm and it’s so ridiculous that it’s funny. 

Step aside, B.C. and Alberta. Your snowstorms have nothing on what is going on in Newfoundland right now. 

For the longest time, blizzard warnings were in effect for Newfoundland. While they have ended, the snow is still coming and is piling up like crazy around the province. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has even tweeted about Newfoundland's state of emergency

According to several pictures posted online, the snow has literally piled up past doorways and completely covered cars. 

While most of the viral photos and videos have been to showcase the serious nature of the storm, there are some people out there who are making light of a bad situation. 

One of these videos showcases a man sitting and chilling on a lawn chair in the middle of the snowstorm. The wind whips snow all around him and the scene looks completely bleak, apart from his tropical attire.

The video was first posted on Twitter and it is now gaining viral status. 

In the video, you can see a Newfoundlander walking out in the storm sporting a pair of socks, shorts, and a Hawaiian T-shirt. 

To complete the tropical paradise look, he is also wearing sunglasses and a sun hat. 

In his hands are an ice-cold beer and a lawn chair. 

The man literally trudges through the massive amount of blowing snow to set up shop with his lawn chair and beer. 

He chills there with no regard for how cold it is. 

You can hear several voices laughing as the man puts on a show for the people who are recording.

While it is an obvious stunt, it’s a nice break from the seriousness of the storm. 

It’s not just Newfoundlanders who have a good sense of humour when it comes to the recent snowstorms. 

In Vancouver, a person posted a viral TikTok that showed a van drifting on the roads. It was perfectly timed with the song Tokyo Drift and it’s actually hilarious. 

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