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Newlyweds Kaley Cuoco And Karl Cook Aren't Having A Typical Honeymoon What So Ever

Her husband is making the best of nursing the "Big Bang Theory" actress back to health.
Newlyweds Kaley Cuoco And Karl Cook Aren't Having A Typical Honeymoon What So Ever

Normally honeymoons are romantic getaways to celebrate your new commitment to your life partner. After planning a wedding, couples need some time to unwind from the craziness your big day brings. 

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For the newlywed actress, Kaley Cuoco, the honeymoon period has been spent quite differently. After undergoing shoulder surgery a few days after her wedding, her husband Karl Cook has been nursing his wife back to health, plus playing a few small tricks on her along the way. 

After their wedding on June 30, Kaley underwent surgery three days ago to repair an injury in her shoulder. Cook was quick to poke fun at his new wife by sharing her marital glow, which was really just the actress pouting in pain post-surgery. He also caught her "snoring like a walrus" during the drive home from the hospital. 

@mrtankcookembedded via  

Cuoco has been keeping fans updated in her Instagram stories since the surgery. She's been fairly sore and stated today that "ice was her best friend."

The Big Bang Theory actress was in good spirits though and actually started playing little pranks on Cook while he took care of her. It became her running joke that cook was naked, though it wasn't completely clear if her little joke was actually the truth! 

Via normancook Stories

Via normancook Stories

It's nice to see that this couple is already living in marital bliss and poking fun at one another, even though they're not vacationing somewhere tropical. At least Cook is keeping his "in sickness and in health" vow quite seriously and with a smile too! 

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