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18-Year-Old Forestry Worker Is Third Person Killed By Ontario Storm

Another life lost after the storm.

Another person has died as a result of the severe windstorm that Ontario was hit by on Friday, May 4th. 

As previously reported, two men passed away on Friday as a result of the storm. One man died after attempting to move live wires that had fallen onto the street from a broken power line. 

The other incident involved two men that were employed by a tree removal service company, Tree Miller. The incident is still being investigated. The incident occurred when the two men were hit by a fallen tree, as previously reported. 

One man, 28-years-old, passed away at the scene after he was struck by the tree but the other man, only 18-years-old, was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. We have just learned that the second worker has also passed away. 

On Sunday morning, Hydro One reported that there are still approximately 100,000 homes without power. 

Source: Vancouver Sun

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