When there is literally air all around us it begs the question of how selling fresh air could be a profitable business, but two Canadian are actually making $300K per year selling cans of fresh air. The business is run out of Alberta and is shockingly success around the world. 

The company is called Vitality Air. They were founded back in 2014 by two Canadians, Moses Lam and Troy Paquette. On their website, they say "we are committed to finding the best possible air, capturing it in an unsurpassed method, and supplying it to our customers in a never seen before approach. We are a legendary company."

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According to Vitality, the best air comes from two different places in Alberta, Banff and Lake Louise. On their online store, they sell air from both those locations in 8L bottles. There is no regular price difference between the two types of air, suggesting that there is no quality difference, meaning it just comes down to customer preference with which air they want to breathe. 

In order to capture this air, they head into the Rocky Mountains and use a process called clean compression to get all the air into containers. Then they take back to their facility, put it in cans and sell it around the world. 

Vitality Air has an online store and also a network of distributors around the world to get their air out in the market. They even have their air being sold at retail sales in South Korea, where air pollution and air quality is a major issue. 

Doing this has actually proven very successful for the company. For the past few years, they have had at least $300,000 in sales every year. 

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It's so successful that the company told CBC they are looking to expand. Vitality Air is hoping to parnter with distributors to help boost online sales in Europe and also get their product into retails stores in China and India, the world's two most populated countries. 

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A bottle of their fresh air sells online for $32 CAD but you can also by them in packs of two, five, or ten. 

They also sell, 95% pure oxygen, purified from Rocky Mountain air, a Myst that combines the rocky mountain air with fresh spring water, and essential oil infused mountain air, as well as a number of oxygen accessories. 

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