A 21-year-old man from Alberta is finally being sentenced two years after viciously attacking a young woman back in September 2016. You may remember this case because the assault was so vicious that the victim ended up in a coma. 

Denzel Dre Colton Bird pleaded guilty to attacking a 25-year-old woman who was walking on her way to work. He admitted to striking her from behind with a metal pipe, dragging her into an alley and sexually assaulting her. 

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The strikes from the metal pipe caused multiple skull fractures and broken facial bones. The victim of the horrific assault spent weeks in a coma and was forced to re-learn how to walk and talk again. In addition to horrific physical trauma, the victim also contracted a sexually transmitted disease from Bird.

The Crown requested that Bird be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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After appearing in court today, Bird has finally been sentenced. Judge Jerry LeGrandeur sentenced Bird to 15 years in jail for aggravated sexual assault and an additional charge of break and enter. 

LeGrandeur said "This court, regrettably, can never make right or repair the harm done by such a criminal act," Judge Jerry LeGrandeur said Friday." She gave Bird two and a half years of credit for time alreayd served. She stated that the viciousness of the attack was an aggravating factor.

The judge also cited other factors in Bird's favour including his youth, his guilty plea and the fact that he was remorseful. LeGrandeur also noted that Bird's family were survivors of residential schools. He was abused as a child and has a lower than average intelligence. 

According to CTV News, Bird was very upset with the outcome and was hoping for a sentence under the range of 10 years. At a hearing in April, the victim wrote in her victim impact statement that there were times that she wished she didn't survive the attack. 

"I am not the same person I was," she said. "At times I even wished Bird had finished me off, but then I remember how strong I am and I don't want to give him that power over me." She continued, "I'm more alive than ever. He hasn't taken away my will to live. I am a survivor."

Source: CTV News, The Globe & Mail.


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