815,000 Canadian Were Hacked In The Uber Data Breach And Here's The Information That Was Stolen

The truth always comes out.

In an announcement made late Monday evening, Uber Canada finally revealed how many people were affected by a data breach within the company that made headlines recently. 

Uber had no choice but to publicize this information as the federal privacy commissioner announced Sunday that they would be opening an investigation into the data breach that Uber initially tried to pretend never happened by hiring hackers to hide the breach. 

But now that the truth is out and the investigation has commenced, Uber Canada came clean and revealed that approximately 815,000 Canadians were hacked by the data breach that occurred over a year ago. 

The breach took a ton of personal information from 57 million people around the world, including email addresses, cellphone numbers and names. But it hasn't been confirmed yet if hackers were able to download peoples credit card information, location history, banking details or dates of birth. 

Since the Canadian federal government opened its investigation, Uber Canada has stated that they will be fully complying with authorities to determine the full extent of how this breach impacted Canadians. 

Source: CBC, USA Today 

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