The Toronto Blue Jays faced off against the Seattle Mariners in their hometown of Seattle, a game which always draws tons of Jays fans from the west coast since it is so close to the border, but one of the fans got really into the game this past weekend. He got so into the game that he ended up arrested... 

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One Vancouver resident, driven by an $80 bet with his friends ran butt-naked across the field and is now facing some major consequences. 

David McClearn, a Vancouver resident originally from Ireland decided to go streaking across the baseball diamond and was on the run when he was tackled down by police on the field. 

Unfortunately for McClearn, he wasn't just given a warning or a fine but he was actually arrested and has been charged with criminal trespassing following his streaking adventures. 

In Washington State, where Seattle is, criminal trespassing can be a hefty charge with a maximum penalty of up to a year in jail and a fine of $5000. While it isn't clear yet what exactly McClearn will be sentenced with, the good news is that according to CBC, Seattle's city attorney has said he doubts the streaker would receive the top penalty. 

However, McClearn has been stuck in the States since the game, unable to leave because he is due in court in Seattle this week. If he is facing jail time that would also be in the US meaning he could be down there for a while longer. 

Source: CBC

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