DeeAnn Fitzpatrick's story became big news back in June when a photo of her tied to an office chair and gagged went viral. The photo was taken in 2010 by one of her co-workers, who she then accused of harassment. 

But now, a tribunal in Scotland has ruled against Fitzpatrick's claims that she worked in a racist, misogynistic, and hostile work environment. 

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Fitzpatrick, originally from Newfoundland, was working at Marine Scotland's Scrabster fishery office when she decided to speak out against the inappropriate comments some of her male co-workers made.

That's when things got rough for her. 

After finding out she had complained about them, they tied her to the chair and gagged her so she couldn't speak. She also claims she has received rude and threatening messages in birthday and holiday cards from her coworkers. 

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Unfortunately for Fitzpatrick, the tribunal handling her case decided that the famous photo of her tied up was too old to be considered in her harassment claim so they only used the cards, but even those were unsigned. Given the "lack of proof", the tribunal ruled there was no harassment. 

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Fitzpatrick's family told CBC they are now wishing for her to come home to Canada so she can get away from the negativity and have a fresh start and they just want the situation to be over. 

Source: CBC

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