When you've lived in Canada long enough, you start to realize that for every bad story you hear in the news, there's usually a good one to make up for it. Maybe those stereotypes are right, us Canadians are incredibly nice.

Just this past weekend, for instance, a cab driver in Halifax politely refused service to a customer after the man had catcalled and, very obviously, made a woman standing outside the cab very uncomfortable.

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Kourosh Hemmat was working his regular Saturday evening shift when four men hopped in his cab. Almost immediately, the passenger seated directly behind Hemmat began to verbally harass a woman from across the street, much to her discontent.

To this, Hemmat replied, "You are not supposed to talk like [that] in my car, in a taxi... Sorry, I'm not giving you any service. Just leave the car."

The man who had been catcalling angrily slammed the door and left, and the two others seated in the back with him left without saying a word. Thankfully though, the man seated beside him apologized for his friend's rude behaviour; Hemmat hopes he'll also speak to his friend about the ignorance of catcalling.

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Shortly after the incident, Hemmat picked up photographer Alyson Hardwick, and told her about the events that had just unfolded. Hardwick was inspired by Hemmat's actions, and even took the time to send out a thoughtful tweet:

Hemmat mentioned to Hardwick that he's had to refuse service to rude customers before, and we're sure it's not the last time he'll have to. As Hardwick said, Hemmat really is a "true ally."

Source: The Star

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