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A Magical Meteor Shower Will Light Up The Night Sky Across Canada Tonight

Wish upon a shooting star.🌠

Look up and get ready to wish upon a shooting star! Because the 2017 Leonid meteor shower will be passing through the skies tonight and into this weekend. 

The annual Leonid meteor shower is one of the sky's breathtaking delights that technically lasts from about early November to this weekend, when it finally reaches its peak. 

Experts say that the Leonid showers, named after the constellation Leo where they usually occur, will be most visible and powerful at around midnight tonight. 

And even better news, the new moon will help light up the sky as well, making for great views of the shower in all its glory. As long as the weather behaves in your city, you should have some decent access to viewing the show of shooting stars! 

Dozens of shooting stars are expected to adorn the sky tonight, with about 10 to 15 stars crossing the sky every hour. In previous years, star-gazers have witnessed dozens of stars shooting past every hour, with thousands of stars showering the sky in total. 

But although this year might be less impressive than year's passed, it is still a spectacular event you do not want to miss, especially if you're out anyway. Experts say to try to reach an elevated area in your city or town that doesn't have too much light pollution for the best views. 

Source: The Weather Channel 

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