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A Quebec Man Was Ticketed $48 Just For Walking On The Street

We can't believe this.

We completely commend local police officers for upholding the law and protecting the city from crime, but every so often, there's a citizen arrested or ticketed for doing something that we all do... and this is definitely one of those instances.

Danny Cohen, a Quebec father, was ticketed for literally walking on a residential street in Cote-St-Luc. Let me explain what happened.

Via CTV News

Danny was taking his young daughter for a walk in her stroller on his residential street when an officer stopped him. To his surprise, he was slapped with a $48 ticket for walking on the street.

Danny originally thought this was a joke, but quickly realized the officer was not kidding at all. Danny told CTV News that "I asked if they were kidding and they said 'No, absolutely not, we're going to give you a ticket for walking in the street'". 

Via CTV News

Danny said that he frequently takes these afternoon walks with his daughter to help her fall asleep, as she is still a baby. He says that walking on the smoothly paved streets soothes her as opposed to walking on the bumpy sidewalks. 

Source: CTV News

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