One of the best things about being Canadian is when Roll Up The Rim season comes back. Even if you don't end up winning, 90% of the fun is just the excitement of rolling it up anyways, whether you get a free donut or not. Though you may want to be wary of what you do if you win something bigger than the smaller prizes such as a donut or a free coffee as one man from New Brunswick learned the hard way.

The man, Stan Aubie, from Saint John got a coffee from Tim Hortons like any other usual day, though when he rolled up the rim he found he won a $50 gift card. Naturally, he ripped off the tab and kept it for when he would go back to Tims to redeem his price.

Unfortunately, when he did go to a Tim Hortons, they turned him down. Saying that because he had ripped off the tab without the PIN number, he couldn't redeem his prize. He was then sent to a different Tim Hortons location where the manager on staff gave him a form to send to Tim Horton's HQ with the tab that set him back $11.60 to mail.

Then earlier this week he received a letter back from Tim Hortons saying they were sorry but that he was "disqualified as a potential winner." Naturally, he was pretty upset and once word got around to others, they were just as pissed. It definitely comes from a good place though considering Tim Hortons doesn't remotely publicize the need to make sure you unroll the entire cups rim to find the PIN as well- that detail is hidden in the fine print of the contest rules.

Thankfully Tim Hortons ended up calling Aubie and apologizing for what happened and gifted him a $70 gift card. While this ends well for Aubie, it serves as a great example as to why you should always keep the whole cup when it comes to the bigger prices in Tim's Roll Up The Rim Contest- imagine you had been disqualified from winning a car!

Source: CBC

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