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If you thought that the push to have marijuana legalized was 100% happening and totally foolproof, you would be mistaken. There are still large groups within the Canadian senate that are against the plant becoming available for public recreational use. 

Today in Canada marks the second reading of the cannabis bill (Bill C-45) and if enough senators are not on board with the bill and all the text within it - it would mean that the government would need to restart the entire lengthy process of getting a bill passed in the House Of Commons.

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This would result in the summer 2018 roll out plans to be put on hold until the bill get's it's stamp of approval from the House. 

Knowing that there are large groups that are against the entire legalization process as a whole, you can bet that today's bill reading will be extremely interesting and dramatic. 

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Government sources, say that they have enough support to win the vote but it'll be by such a slim margin that if even a few voting members are absent, it could completely derail a key government policy.

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