There are some things that are just so Canadian- hockey, maple syrup, Tim Horton's - just to start. However recently, one of our Canadian classics has come under fire. The question was asked to Canadians recently, what their favourite coffee chain was, and it's looking like our beloved Tim Hortons just didn't make the cut.

Surprising news, since if you ask most any Canadian where they go for their caffeine fix, it's not farfetched to anticipate most of them name dropping our national treasure, Tims.

However, Maclean's, a Canadian news and current events magazine, recently created an online poll asking Canadians what their favourite regional coffee chain was to grab a cuppa joe. The publication said that over 1,500 people have weighed in by using the Maclean’s Coffee Ranker. An online tool allows users to rank the 15 largest national and regional chains that sell coffee across Canada.

The results were calculated using a points system. Each first place vote was given 15 points,  second place votes received 14, third place votes got 13 points, and so on. The more points a brand acquired, the higher up they ranked on the list.

When it comes to the brands that took the top three spots, we can openly admit that it wasn't at all what we were expecting.

The winner, with 19,494,points was McDonald's McCafe coffee. Followed by Second Cup coffee with 18,456 points, then Starbucks with 18,100 points. So where did Canada's not so favourite coffee chain, Tim Hortons land? Well in fourth place with 16,260 points.

The poll has been live since Monday and is still on-going, so anyone can go weigh in on what they feel is the best national coffee shop. Below is the top results, as of October 20, 2017.

Source: Maclean's

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