Emergency operations are currently underway to remove a plane after it veered off the runway during landing. The 747 cargo jet was making a scheduled landing at Halifax Stanfield International Airport from Chicago before dawn this morning.

The jet was scheduled to make a pickup in China when the pilot presumably lost control during landing. The botched landing is causing cancellations and significant delays in and out of Halifax Stanfield. 

All four crew members on board at the time were removed from the jet and transported to hospital. Thankfully, they have only sustained minor injuries. The RCMP is investigating the cause of the incident.

A spokesperson for the airport told CBC that the main runways are still in limited operation and a perimeter has been placed around the cargo jet. Some nearby roads have also been shut down as the RCMP continue to investigate.

"Old Guysborough Rd has been closed to local traffic between Oldham Rd and Tower Access Rd as part of the RCMP’s investigation into this morning’s cargo incident," the airport tweeted this morning.

"At 5:05 a.m. today, a Boeing 747-400 SkyLease cargo aircraft arriving from Chicago, Illinois, went off the end of Runway 32 upon its scheduled landing," the airport stated in an early morning press release, "Halifax Stanfield has activated its emergency plan and its well-trained and highly skilled emergency response team is responding to the incident 

Officials have yet to release their speculations about what may have happened, but the Fire Chief who responded on scene says that the cargo jet was not on fire at the time.

Source: CBC


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