With news story after news story coming out revealing horror stories for owners trying to travel with their pets, it's more clear than ever that it's better to leave them at home. Unfortunately, the tragic instances we've seen such as the United Airlines flight attendant and a pet pug is not an exclusive instance of pet trouble for American airports. 

Over in Winnipeg a 2-year-old golden Labrador named Greta who was flying with the Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue was able to escape her plastic kennel after chewing through it. As a result, the dog escaped from the plane when the door was opened by the crew after landing from Shamattawa First Nation. 

Via Manitoba Mutts

The dog then proceeded to run onto the runway and as a result, a spokesman of the airport claims it forced a WestJet flight from Las Vegas to abort landing at the airport as the dog was in the way.

The dog then ended up running to the runway once again while two officers tried to coax the dog back. Unfortunately, because they could not get the dog to cooperate, Greta was shot in order to avoid conflict with any other landing aircrafts. 

This is the first time that an animal has had to be shot at the airport, and as a result, the spokesman for the airport claims that they are "looking into the option of using a tranquilizer gun." Even though apparently no other airports in Canada use that technique. Presumably due to the fact that a successful tranquilizer dart would need the shooter to be able to accurately guess the dog's weight and correct dosage on the spot. 

Unfortunately, while it seems that the airport is quite restricted in really exercising anymore caution for these kinds of situations other than offering metal crates if anything it just goes to further prove that you should only really bring your pet with you on a flight if it is absolutely necessary. Especially considering you just never know what could happen. 

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