This Triple Threat Lunar Event Is Happening For The First Time In 150 Years And Heres How Canadians Can See It

No glasses required!

It seemed like after 2017's solar eclipse back in August, that we wouldn't be seeing any lunar milestones in the near future. Instead, 2018 seems to hold an even bigger lunar event than 2017, three events in one to be exact! Thankfully Canadians are going to be able to see the event take place (no special sunglasses required).

The 'Super Blue Blood Moon' sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick, but it's a real lunar event that hasn't happened in 150 years, but is going to reoccur this month. It all starts with the supermoon, which describes when the moon reaches it's closest point to earth in it's orbit. From there a blue moon will appear considering this is the second full moon to be seen this month. Finally with the moon lining up with the Earth and sun comes the blood moon which will result in the moon turning red.

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What all of this means is that come January 31st you will be seeing a larger, brighter and red tinted moon hanging in the sky. Though you are definitely going to want to get to a good vantage point to check it out considering the moon's peak in regards to the lunar event will be happening when the moon is close to the horizon.

In Toronto and Montréal you'll be able to see the lunar eclipse on January 31st beginning at 5:51 am and ending at 7:35 am after reaching it's peak at 7:30 am. For Vancouverites, you are looking at the eclipse beginning at 2:51 am and ending at 7:51 am with a peak at 5:29 am. Clearly the time slots vary depending on which province you're in, so to get more details on the perfect time to catch a glimpse in your area, click here!

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