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A Teen Girl Escaped A Kidnapping Using This Feature On Her iPhone

This story is insane.

With the rise of technology (and Black Mirror's recent season), it has felt as though most stories about technology have left us wanting to chuck our phones into a lake and go back to a Nokia. Though, this story involving a girl's terrifying experience during a kidnapping will make you think twice about ever ditching your smartphone ever again. 

Jalia Gladden's story began in a parking lot by a convenience store where a man with a knife was able to force her into his car and begin driving towards Atlanta. The entire initial kidnapping was actually caught on camera and released to the public. While en route, the man allegedly pulled over and sexually assaulted Gladden before he started driving again. At one point when he asked Jalia to direct him to a gas station, she saw a chance to free herself. 

She noted that when he had initially taken her, that he drove with his eyes never off the road. So when he asked for directions, she said she couldn't guide him without googling the directions on her cell phone. When the kidnapper gave her her phone back, Jalia quickly sent a message to her boyfriend, sharing her location along with a text reading "kidnapped." 

Via Buzzfeed News

Via Buzzfeed News

Via Buzzfeed News

Thankfully police were able to track down Jalia and her kidnapper thanks to her quick thinking. Her boyfriend told Buzzfeed, "if I didn't get the location, who knows what would have happened." Since then the kidnapper, Timothy Wilson has been charged with several counts, including rape, kidnapping and hijacking a motor vehicle. 

While this story thankfully has a happy ending, it's a great reminder that technology isn't all that bad, and a great reason to keep your location on more often. If you don't know how to access location services on your iPhone, simply go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. From there you can personalize who can see your location and when they can access it. 

Source: Buzzfeed News 

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