People are worried about a lot of things when it comes to crossing the border between Canada and the US, especially lately with escalated trade tensions, lots of new tariffs, and changing marijuana laws

One thing people don't usually think about when they cross the border is a lost library book, but one US traveller is concerned about just that. 

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According to the traveller, who turned to Reddit with their concerns, they forgot to return a library book four years, paid a fine for it, and like most people would, they completely forgot about it. They were only reminded of it when it popped up on a background check they had done recently.

While it may seem odd that a lost library book was on a background check, it turns out that in Pennsylvania, where the traveller is from, a lost library book can be considered as library theft and in that state, it's a criminal offence. 

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Library theft is a big deal in Pennsylvania all because of one mastermind criminal. In 1981 a man named James Shinn posed a professor and used that as an in to steal books from college libraries. He stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of valuable books.

It was a year after Shinn was caught that the state specifically made library theft a criminal offence. 

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As for crossing the border, when people have a record, Canadian border agents look and see if there is an equivalent crime in Canada and use that to determine if a person can come in or not. 

Fortunately for this one traveller, there doesn't seem to be any big laws regarding lost library books in Canada, so it shouldn't affect their trip up north! 

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