In the year 2018, can we all just agree that no one should have to take off their clothes for anyone else unless they actually want to? It seems like a perfectly reasonable idea. 

Apparently not.  

A Portuguese Victoria Secret model, named Sara Sampaio, wrote a long and very disturbing post on her Instagram saying that she has been bullied and made to do things she was not comfortable with.   

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In the post, Sampaio explains that she had an experience with a French men's magazine where her contract stated that there would be no nudity. 

She says that the magazine did not honour the contract and posted photos she told them not to where parts of her body had accidentally been exposed.   

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She also says that in the past she was "bullied," and shown "nude photos [of herself] as examples to coerce [her] into posing nude."  

While she says she has posed nude in the past she does not want to do it every time she does a photo shoot. 

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"Just because I've consented to posing nude in the past, it does not give anyone permission to assume I would do it again under any circumstance." 

She ends with: 

"As models and as women, we need to stand together and demand the respect we deserve. We have the right to make our own individual choices about our bodies, our image, and our lives."

You can see her full post bellow.  

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