Ever been kicked out of somewhere? Usually, that’s your punishment for acting out in a business.

One woman named Ashley Deshaies didn’t get kicked out for arguing with staff at a nail salon in Chilliwack, B.C., she got locked in.

And it started a fight that was caught on video. 

Via Semanntha Shpeley

The video was filmed by a member of staff at HD Nails in Chilliwack after Deshaies says she complained about the service she received and asked staff to fix what they had done to her nails or she wouldn’t pay.

Staff then locked the door so that Deshaies couldn’t leave without paying.

In the clip, Deshaies can be seen being told to “sit down” after an employee grabs her and she kicks him in the leg. 

Via Semanntha Shpeley

“Don’t f---ing touch me,” she yells at the employee.

After lots of yelling back and forth with a male member of staff Deshaies then argues with the woman who gave her the manicure and pedicure.

“You would not fix my nails. They’re all different lengths,” Deshaies yells.

The woman calls Deshaies a liar and says that the nails look “nice.”

Via Semanntha Shpeley

Deshaies’ father and a friend then arrive at the scene and attempt to enter the store but can’t get in because of the locked door and call the police. 

While that happens Deshaies rushes the door in an attempt to get out but is grabbed by staff.

The video ends with Deshaies and staff exchanging smacks while she runs towards the back of the salon screaming. 

You can see the crazy video below. 

The police eventually arrived and made Deshaies pay $23 of the $76 bill.

The RCMP are currently investigating the incident. 

Source: CTV

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