The scenario is common, you're rushing to catch your flight, only to find out that your flight is delayed. Another common occurrence when travelling through Canada, your baggage gets lost. These are two things that Canadians can't stand when flying with major airlines across the country.

Now, the federal government is making a move to try and force major airlines to compensate flyers when their flights are delayed or baggage gets lost and we're kind of here for it. The aim of this proposal is to provide travelers with fair and balanced rights that they deserve. 

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The federal government is introducing new proposed regulations for air travel called the passenger's bill of rights. Under these new regulations, airlines would be forced to shell out cash for delayed flights and missing luggage. Specifically, a minimum rebate of $400 for a three-hour delay on a large commercial flight, going up to $1000 rebate for a nine-hour delay. 

In addition, if passengers are bumped from their flights due to maintenance or overbooking, $900 worth of compensation can be applied. If that's combined with a nine-hour delay, a passenger could receive $2400 worth of rebate. 


These new guidelines were proposed by Transport Minister Marc Garneau on Monday morning. Garneau expects the finalized regulations to be developed by next spring and will hopefully come into effect next summer.

Source: CTV News

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