Amazon is known for being one of the best places to shop online for literally anything. Whether you're looking for a home decor, technology, or even something as simple as a hairbrush, you can definitely find it for a reasonable price on Amazon. 

Their loyalty promotion, known as Prime Day, just passed on July 16 and there was a ton of online traffic. So much that it actually ended up causing the site to crash and Canadians were pissed

Prime Day honours Amazon Prime members by giving them amazing discounts on almost everything you could imagine. It's such a big event that even eBay tried to compete with their own sale.

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The crash was enough to make people in Canada angry but it actually turns out that the 63 minutes cost the company over $99,166,667 USD. Currently, that amount in Canadian dollars comes out to a whopping $130,657, 042 plus 11 cents. 

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While the company still made a projected $3.4 billion, they did lose out when their systems crashed. Amazon must have underestimated how many people would be patiently waiting until 3:00 P.M. to get the best deals of the year. 

Because Amazon made $1,574,074 USD per minute and the website crashed for exactly 63 minutes, it led them to lose the $99 million total. The sale ran until 3:00 A.M this morning so luckily there was plenty of time for the company to make up for lost time. 

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Still, people are still upset with the company and stood against Prime Day as workers began striking across the globe. Many users even took to Twitter to protest the unfair wealth of Amazon's CEO, when employees are still working in unfair conditions. 

Amazon is clearly under fire from the public currently and as one of the most popular online retailers, they need to get it together. After all, being unprepared came with a million dollar cost. 

Source: Love The Sales 

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