American Apparel fans, rejoice! Your favourite brand is back and it's coming in hot.

The brand which closed down its stores last year after claiming bankruptcy is making a huge comeback with a Canadian twist. It's now owned by Montreal-based manufacturer, Gildan Activewear Inc.

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While there won't be any physical stores in the country, Canadians can start shopping American Apparel again online come November 1st.

The relaunch of the highly controversial clothing store has been meticulously planned out. Since the comeback is happening in the Me Too era, American Apparel says they're going to be much more conscious of their ads and the way they portray women.

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Brand marketing director, Sabrina Weber says they want the brand to remain "sexy", however they don't want their advertisements to make women feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. “There was a lot of concerted efforts to make sure that we looked at the history of the brand and acknowledged the mistakes of the past,” Weber said to the Globe and Mail. “There was that moment in time where things went too far.”

Along with changes to ads, the brand also plans on staying competitive by expanding their sizes to include XXL pieces and lowering their prices by up to 23 percent.

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If you've missed those beloved disco pants and body suits, you're not alone, Canada. T-minus three days until American Apparel will be in our lives once again.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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