An American woman from Chicago, Illinois came to Halifax back in February 2015 with the intention of shooting up a local mall. Last year, Lindsay Souvannarath pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in a plan where she and a man from Halifax would open fire at the Halifax Shopping Centre food court back on Valentine's Day in February 2015.

When the police were tipped off about the conspiracy, her co-conspirator, James Gamble committed suicide after his home was surrounded by police. Had this not happened, they fully believe that Lindsay and James would have followed through on their mall massacre plan. 

Via CTV News

Today, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Peter Rosinski sentenced Lindsay to life in prison without the change of parole for 10 years. His reasoning was that she currently is and will remain a danger to public safety.

Via CTV News

The judge went on to explain that Lindsay did not express remorse for her lethal plan and she has not renounced her ideological motivations for the conspiracy.

He also added that Lindsay's intention was to kill more than 13 people similar to the Columbine shooting - which Lindsay was obsessed with. It's also an odd coincidence that the sentencing for Lindsay occurred on the anniversary of the Columbine High School Massacre.

Source: CTV News

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