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An "Anti Whiteness" Event Is Being Held At Trent University And People Are Pissed


It seems that over at Trent University some serious drama has ensued thanks to an event that was promoted by the school's student association, and it all has to do with its title, "It's OK To Be (Against) White(Ness)."

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The event itself was supposed to be a presentation and conversation lead by speaker Michael Camello who's a professor at the university. The presentation oriented around white privilege and racism. The title was meant to be a response to "It's Okay To Be White" posters that were hung around the school last year in light of racial issues and conversations rising last year.

Since the announcement of the event and backing from the school's student association, offended students have come forward against the event. Some quoted saying in response to one of the online flyers, "You are inciting hatred against an identifiable group (Caucasians)- stop embarrassing the university." Another commenting “What a joke university to put on an event like this- parents, save your money and don’t send your children … there should be a boycott.”

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The Trent Central Student Association did eventually take to their Facebook page to address the backlash in a since-deleted post:

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It's presumed the post was taken down because the contact email left at the bottom of the post was starting to receive online threats according to group members. While it's unclear if the event will still go on or if it will be subject to a name change, it once again shows that the conversation on race might be an uncomfortable one but it's far from resolved and is extremely necessary.

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