UPDATE, November 13th at 9:45 AM: While this incident was originally reported to police as road-rage, it has since been cleared as careless driving. Peel Regional Police told Narcity the black car behind the silver pickup truck initially caused the accident, further causing the truck into the SUV. It is unclear why the truck driver reversed and then drove into the SUV again but there has been a license review put in place for the 79-year old pickup driver. Both drivers of the black car and pickup up truck have been given tickets for careless driving. 

Driving in Canada can be difficult due to changing seasons and unpredictable weather. While that may create some issues for drivers, sometimes it's the other people on the road that can really create a problem. 

That was the case on Thursday when a road rage incident was caught on video in Ontario. The video of the Canadian man reversing his car before slamming into the back of another vehicle, nearly hitting three cars total, was shared on Facebook and has been viewed over 35 thousand times. 

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The incident happened on November 8th after a driver slammed into the back of another vehicle, driving it into the middle of the Brampton intersection at Torbram Road and North Park Drive. The intersection where it happened is located next to Brampton Market Square, a popular shopping area in the city. 

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The video begins across the intersection where you can see and white SUV vehicle and a silver pickup truck on the corner of North Park Drive. While it's unclear what caused the initial road-rage, you can see the pickup truck going into reverse, nearly hitting another car, before ramming into the back of the SUV. 

Via Sunny Gandhi l Facebook

Even wilder? You can see the man in the SUV is exiting his car when the truck driver motors full speed ahead into his vehicle, pushing it into oncoming traffic in the middle of the intersection. Not only is the driver jumping away, but pedestrians on the corner of the street are also jumping out of the way of the collision. 

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According to inBrampton, Peel Police did respond to the incident but it's unclear if any charges were laid. The road-rage incident came only one day after a female pedestrian was also hit in Brampton by a driver, who then suffered from life-threatening injuries around Creditview Road and Bonavista Drive. 

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While no one was injured in this situation, road-rage is not an acceptable reason to cause an accident. It's understandable to be frustrated with your fellow drivers but this incident was definitely a step too far.  

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