It's a known fact that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars for numerous reasons. Simply put, there is no outer casing on a motorcycle, like there is on a car, so even the best driver can have a terrible situation their hands in a matter of seconds. 

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Sadly, a situation occurred today in Ontario where a 41-year old woman suffered significant injuries after hitting a deer on her motorcycle. The accident happened on Gore Road, which was closed for five hours before reopening this afternoon.

The accident occurred just before 7:00 A.M. and an ORNGE air ambulance had to airlift the woman to Toronto's Sunnybrook hospital to further her care. It's unknown what injuries she suffered from at this time. 

The police confirmed they were significant but the woman was in a non-life-threatening condition. 

In fact, the OPP stated last year that over 10,000 vehicle collisions in Ontario are actually wildlife-related collisions. 

Since 2012, the provincial police have actually responded to over 60,000 reports of these kinds of collisions. Due to a large rural population, wildlife is running around all over the province. 

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While deer may not look harmful, they are quite heavy wild animals. Hitting one while driving a car or motorcycle can be exceptionally dangerous, causing damage to both your vehicle and possibly yourself. 

Summertime is here which means our animal populations are very active. Make sure you keep a close eye on the road. 

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Source: CP24

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