We all lead busy lives and are usually rushing from one place to another on a super tight schedule. 

You’d think that you’d be able to check that you aren’t going to be late while you drive, but according to a student for the University of Guelph that isn’t the case. 

She says was pulled over and fined $400 just for looking at her watch to check the time.   

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Victoria Ambrose was pulled over in April of this year after a police officer noticed the glow of her Apple watch, which Ambrose was staring at while stopped at a red light. 

Ambrose was only looking at the watch to check the time on it, she said. 

Both the police and Ambrose agreed that she looked at the watch but Ambrose said that the watch shouldn’t be considered a hand-held device.  

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Justice of the Peace Lloyd Phillipps disagreed with her though, ruling in the case that “despite the Apple watch being smaller than a cellular phone, on the evidence it is a communication device capable of receiving and transmitting electronic data.” 

“It is the holding, or use of the device that the court must determine,” he wrote in his decision. 

“It is abundantly clear from the evidence that Ms. Ambrose was distracted when the officer made his observations,” Phillipps ruled.  

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So if you have an Apple watch it’s probably best that you don’t look at it or even touch it while driving if you want to avoid a massive fine. 

Source: Guelph Today

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