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Another Chicken Nugget Brand Was Just Recalled In A Salmonella Outbreak That's Infected Over 500 Canadians

Another chicken nuggets brand was just recalled in a salmonella outbreak that has been ongoing since 2017.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently announced that another brand of chicken nuggets was just recalled for salmonella. This time, the recall is on Crisp & Delicious chicken nuggets with a best before date of July 19, 2019. These nuggets are the latest in a massive nationwide outbreak that has resulted in over 500 illnesses. 

The massive outbreaks have been going on since May 2017, when the government developed a new method of checking for salmonella in products. This latest product recall is the 15th investigation in those outbreaks, but it is the only one currently open. It is also the first salmonella outbreak of 2019 after the government had previously reported on December 17th, 2018 that there were no active outbreak investigations. 

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This recent recall isn't only the newest, but it's also one of the biggest. So far there have been 54 illnesses tied to this product alone. No one has been hospitalized and no one has died from it. It also brings the total outbreak count up by a lot. As of January 25th, the government reports that there have 529 confirmed cases of salmonella illness across the country, with cases in every single province and territory. 

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The outbreaks have also led to 90 people being hospitalized and three of the people who were infected have died. While the government reports that in two of those cases the death was unrelated to salmonella, they have not determined whether salmonella was related to the third death. 

Of the 529 people who have been infected with salmonella, the majority of them come from Ontario where there have been 187 cases and Quebec where there have been 111 cases.  People of all ages and genders have been infected. 

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The chances of there being even more cases of salmonella illnesses are really high too. 529 represents the number of lab-confirmed cases in this outbreak, but that means they are only counting people who went to the doctor after falling ill.

Chances are there are also people who got sick but just chose to ride out their illnesses and not get tested for anything since salmonella illness often is just referred to as food poisoning. 

Salmonella illness is, in fact, a type of food poisoning. The symptoms will begin 6-72 hours after eating contaminated food. They include fever, chills, headaches, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, and vomiting. In healthy people, salmonella will go away without treatment in four to seven days. 

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