Apple Is Getting Sued Over Alleged iPod Caused Plane Crash That Killed 66 People

The EgyptAir flight crashed killing 66 passengers.

In May 2016, a commercial plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea which killed 66 innocent people. The cause of the crash is allegedly due to an Apple product. 

The EgyptAir flight #804 left dozens dead and the families of those victims are looking for answers. According to TMZ, families of several victims of the May 19th, 2016 crash claim that the co-pilot's iPhone 6S or iPad mini is the cause of the tragedy. 

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According to reports, an investigation revealed one of the Apple products overheated in the cockpit and caught fire. The fire in the cockpit is what ultimately took the plane down into the Mediterranean. 

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Some industry experts question this theory and believe that the fire started beneath the cockpit in the avionics bay due to a short circuit or similar incident.

However, families of the victims believe there is enough to hold Apple responsible for the fiery crash that caused 66 passengers to lose their lives.

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