I think we can all agree that Aritzia is one of the best stores for basics as well as stylish trends. Whether you're looking to step up your professional look for work, look extra cute on a night out with your girls, or lounge in sweatpants at home on a Sunday Aritzia has got us covered! 

The only thing that could ever be wrong with Aritzia is their prices of course. It's not all the time that we can afford to buy something as expensive and luxurious as Aritzia clothes, even though we all wish we could! That's why their sales are so highly anticipated. Just now, Aritzia dropped a crazy sale with select styles from 50%-70% off and we couldn't be more excited! 

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Their Snooze You Lose Sale is currently on starting today, February 7th until February 24th! That means you have almost the entire month of February to head to one of their locations or online to get some great styles for crazy reduced prices. 

All of the items on sale right now are between 50% and 70% markdowns which is almost unheard of for Aritzia! All of the items aren't the reject styles either, there are some super cute items that I'm literally adding to my basket right now. 

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Via Aritzia

Via Aritzia

Via Aritzia

Some of the best items you can find on sale include: 

Check out their website to shop the rest of the deals! 





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