Mark your calendars because former US President Barack Obama is coming to Canada this March. In a one time show called A Conversation with Barack Obama, the iconic former president will speak to tens of thousands of Canadians in Calgary's Saddledome. The event is scheduled to take place on March 5th. 

When it comes to US Presidents, Obama has been one of the most loved by Canadians. In fact, a poll from way back in 2009 showed that 82% of Canadians approved of Barack Obama, which is astronomically higher than even our own Prime Minister's rating

The feeling seems to be mutual as well. Throughout his eight years in office, Obama maintained a solid relationship with Canada, developed a bromance with Justin Trudeau, and came and visited Canada multiple times. 

Now, on March 5th, 2019 he is coming back. Barack Obama is expected to deliver one of his usual inspiring and hope-filled talks. While the exact subject of the conversations is not yet known, the talk is likely to cover everything from his childhood to his road to the Whitehouse and everything that came after that. 

If his past events in Canada are any indication, then Obama's talk in March will be given to a sold-out show. 

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Unfortunately for most Canadians, this Calgary Saddledome is the only scheduled event for Barack Obama so far and looks like it may be a one-time deal.

The good news, however, is if you miss Barack in March, he's not the only Obama coming to Canada this year. 

The former first lady and now best-selling author Michelle Obama has several Canadian stops on her tour for her new book called "Becoming." While she's not in the country at the same time as her husband, she will be making four appearances here in 2019. 

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On March 21st Michelle Obama will have her first Canadian tour date in Vancouver before heading to Edmonton for her second Canadian stop on March 22nd. After that, she'll be off to Europe and around the world for a month before coming back to Canada with a Montreal show on May 3rd followed by a Toronto stop on May 4th. 

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Tickets for Michelle Obama's tour are already on sale and selling quickly, meanwhile, tickets for Barack Obama's one-time event in Calgary will be available to the general public beginning this Wednesday, January 14th. 

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