Now that summer's here, there's so many wonderful things to look forwards to! Festivals, boating, camping, concerts, tanning... The list goes on and on! One other thing that the month of June is great for though, is sales!

Since it's halfway through the year, plenty of stores are holding their semi-annual sales, including everyone's favourite, Bath & Body Works

From the 5th of June until the 4th of July, you'll find a TON of amazing products on sale for up to 75% off both online and in stores, and they sell out quickly, so you'll want to act fast!

If that deal isn't already enough, we've come across a coupon for an extra $10 off on the Bath & Body Works Facebook page! We've clarified with an employee, and the purchase can be layered on top of the semi-annual deals, even on things that are 75% off!

Via bathandbodyworkscanada

The deals will be changing every week throughout the sale, but here's what you can expect to find this week:

Via bathandbodyworks

Usually, winter and retired fragrances are majorly discounted during this sale, so we advise you stock up before all your favourites are gone for the season, or forever! 

Take advantage of this amazing deal while you can, and be sure to stay on the look out for all the crazy deals coming up on different products over the next few weeks! Happy shopping!

This was originally written for Narcity Quebec by Izabelle Bee. 

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