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Bell Canada Is Asking Customers For Even More Personal Information And It's Causing People To Cancel Their Contracts

Bell has begun asking customers for even more access to their private data.

Thanks to the internet, there is more personal information about Canadians out in the world than we are probably even aware of. Now Bell wants even more from us and it's driving their Canadian customers crazy. The telecommunications giant has begun asking their Bell customers for access to even more personal data.

Bell has started asking Canadian customers not only for more personal information but also to track every single thing they do on their phones, both home and mobile, internet, TV, and any other service or even affiliate app Bell provides. 

This means that every search, phone call, text message, Instagram post, game that you play, app purchase, and show you binge-watch will be tracked and all of that information will be relayed back to Bell Canada.  Specifically, they will use your age, billing address, the number of texts you send, and device specifics. 

This could even affect people who aren't with Bell. For instance, if one of your friends is a Bell internet customer and you connect to their Wifi then, in theory, anything you do while connected to that network could also be tracked, without even giving you the opportunity to opt in or out of it. 

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This intense level of tracking might have people wondering what all this information will be used for. Unfortunately, it's nothing exciting. In return for giving Bell permission to basically track your entire life all you get is better-targeted advertising. 

Considering most people don't pay attention to online ads anyway this seems like an unworthy trade-off for the cybersecurity risk of all your personal information being stolen and used against you. 

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While some people are saying that Bell should off lower prices to compensate for this greater access to information, a number of people say this change from Bell is driving them to cancel their contracts. 

In response to the news about Bell's new tracking, several people have threatened to leave the company altogether. On Reddit, one person told Bell to f-off and said they would be leaving as soon as their contract was up. 

Another customer said the only reason they were still with Bell was that they had a lot of recorded episodes of their kid's favourite show on their PVR. However, they also threatened to leave once their child stopped caring about the show. 

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The good news about Bell's new information tracking is that you don't have to give them permission to access your data. Customers will be asked permission by the company before any tracking is done. Bell also assured customers that their private information won't be shared with other marketing companies. 

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