As you may know, earlier this week the infamous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France erupted into flames. Now, the cathedral lays in Paris' 4th Arrondissement empty with piles of burnt wreckage inside. As a result, fundraising campaigns were initiated to help raise money to fix the historical monument. But, the Better Business Bureau is advising people not to donate any money to fundraiser campaigns just yet and here's why.

On Monday, April 15, Prime Minister Trudeau and other Canadians began sharing their condolences to Paris amidst news of the fire. Many were eager to send money in efforts to help with rebuilding costs.

Shortly after news of the fire spread, Narcity reported that the billionaires behind Louis Vuitton and Gucci jumped at the chance to donate the most money that they could to help rebuild the iconic monument. The news of their rivalry sparked an international debate.

Since Monday, when images of the cathedral engulfed in a massive fire spread across the world, France's President Emmanuel Macron launched an international campaign to rebuild Notre Dame. Following the international plea for help, hundreds of online fundraisers began popping up online by concerned civilians.

However, the Better Business Bureau is actually advising people not to jump to the opportunity to help Notre Dame so quickly. In a news release published on April 17, the BBB specifically stated that individuals should "wait to donate" and this is all due to online scammers. 

They're advising people to wait and make sure that the campaigns they're donating to are actually going to be sending the raised money to the official Notre Dame rebuilding fund and "not into the hands of scammers".

As we all know, online scammers prey on national tragedies and typically launch fundraising campaigns in lieu of devastating events in hopes that compassionate people will send me without verifying if the campaign is real.

After the Humboldt Bronco tragedy in Canada, Narcity reported that some individuals were getting duped by scammers making money off a fake GoFundMe page that stated they were gathering funds for the boys and coaches that were hurt in the tragic bus crash.

Earlier today, Narcity reported that nearly 200 fundraisers were already on GoFundMe related to the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire. 

The BBB suggests waiting until verified campaigns are recognized online. While some of the fundraising campaigns may be well-intentioned, they may not be directly involved with the cathedral in Paris.

They advise waiting until an official rebuilding fund is established before sending money over, especially online. For more information, you can read the full news release.

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