Bill Nye Roasted Justin Trudeau So Hard During Their Seminar Yesterday And Its So Awkward To Watch


If you missed it yesterday, Justin Trudeau and Bill Nye the Science Guy took to the stage at the University of Ottawa for a "Science in Canada" event centered around the environment as well as Trudeau's 2018 budget. Attendees definitely expected Bill Nye to ask Trudeau some questions about the importance of protecting the environment but they didn't expect the mild roast he was subjected to. 

It started when Nye asked Trudeau to "explain to the crowd" why the 'Morgan Kinder' pipeline is moving forward... Trudeau making sure to correct him with "Kinder Morgan" because we all know he loves to do that. Though Trudeau handled being in the hot seat quite well, noting that balancing the protection of the environment and the economy can be a troublesome one. 

Via Huff Post Canada

Nye noted this in an interview post-seminar where he agreed that Trudeau handled it well, and while it isn't his country to judge per say, the ultimate hope is for a shift to completely renewable energy. Even during the seminar asking the budding mechanical engineers to start thinking up ideas that can help with the pollution issue regarding airplanes. 

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