There may not be any actual cups, but Canadians still get to take part in everyone's favourite Tim Hortons contest. This year's Roll Up The Rim prizes include the standard cars, Tim's cards, and baked goods, but they're actually quite different overall from what was offered last year.

The biggest change for 2020 is what kind of vehicle people have a chance to win. Last year, the ultimate winning was a Jeep Compass North Edition.

This year, Tim Hortons is offering a more eco-friendly option with the 2020 Hyundai IONIQ, with both the electric and hybrid versions available to be won.

One of the Roll Up The Rim prizes in 2019 was a sports bike. This year, there is no comparable item, but Canadians have the opportunity to win one of 200 Samsung TVs. There are also 100 bundles of 40,000 Air Miles.

The prizes that have mostly stayed the same are the pre-paid Visa cards and the Tim's cards, which were also available to win last year.

In 2020, though, the Visa cards are worth just $1000, far less than 2019's, which were worth $5000. However, this year there are 150 available to win, as opposed to just 100 previously.

Tim's cards also make a comeback this year, and while they are also worth slightly less in 2020 ($25 compared to $50), like the Visa cards, the odds of winning one are better this year.

On top of all of that, there are also four draws to win $100,000 built into the digital component of the contest.

The biggest change to winning any of these, however, is how the game is played.

With all of the paper cups being removed from the game, the odds are entirely dependent on how many people play on the app, rather than how many cups are in circulation

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